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The scope for Cell Phone Service Training in India is increasing day by day. 

mobile repair service training

Cell Phone Service Training - Course Content

Mobile Repair Service Training - Theory

  • Introduction to Cell phone service training
  • Fundamentals of Electrical & Electronics
  • Cell Phone Basic Concepts
  • Basic Mobiles & Smart Mobiles 
  • Block Diagram
  • Circuit Diagram
  • Tools 
  • Assembly & De Assembly
  • Flowchart
  • Fault List
  • Home Wiring and Concepts

Mobile Repair Service Training - Practical

  • Assembly & De Assembly
  • Remove Fitting
  • Check Tracking
  • Chip Level Tracking
  • Hardware Fault
  • Software Fault
  • Software & Application Installation
  • Home Wiring and line Diagram
  • Home wiring Practicals

Career Opportunities

We have lots of Career & Business opportunities in Mobile / Cellphone Service 

  • Mobile Phone – Sales & Service
  • Mobile Phone – Distribution
  • Mobile Phone – Dealer
  • Mobile Phone Engineer
  • Mobile Repair Technician
  • Mobile Showroom & Service Center 


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Course Details

Course Fees: free

Certification – Govt. of India Certificate

Course Duration: 1 Month

Benefits :

Company Registration, Loan Guidance, Free dealership, Material Procurement 

Guidance, Marketing Guidance, Technical supports,


  1. What are the common types of mobile phone issues that customers face?
    Answer: Some common mobile phone issues that customers face include battery drain, network issues, slow performance, app crashes, broken screens, and water damage.

2. How should you handle a customer who is angry or frustrated about their mobile phone issue?
It’s important to remain calm and empathetic when dealing with an angry or frustrated customer. Listen carefully to their complaint, acknowledge their frustration, and offer a solution or next steps to resolve the issue.

3.What is the best way to troubleshoot a mobile phone issue?
Answer: The best way to troubleshoot a mobile phone issue is to start by identifying the problem, then trying to replicate the issue, and finally trying various solutions such as restarting the phone, clearing the cache, or resetting the device.

4. How can you help a customer optimize their mobile phone’s performance?
Answer: To help a customer optimize their mobile phone’s performance, you can suggest they delete unnecessary apps, clear the cache regularly, reduce the screen brightness, turn off unnecessary features like Bluetooth or location services, and update their phone’s software.

5. What is the importance of data privacy and security in mobile phone service?
Data privacy and security are extremely important in mobile phone service because customers’ personal and sensitive data is often stored on their mobile devices. Ensuring the security of this data helps protect customers from identity theft and other types of cybercrime.

6. How can you effectively communicate technical information to a customer who may not understand it?
Answer: It’s important to use plain language and avoid technical jargon when communicating technical information to customers. Use analogies or examples to help illustrate complex concepts and provide step-by-step instructions when explaining a solution or next steps.

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